#FlashbackFriday: This Beautiful Old Jordanian Home is Now a Restaurant!

One of my first experiences in Jordan, dining at the beautiful Haret Jdoudna was absolutely unforgettable. The sky-lit restaurant in Madaba (the home of mosaics) was the residence of a well-to-do family once upon a time. You can tell from the very typical floors. It is believed that the home belonged to Ibrahim Jumean, who was mayor of Madaba, a member of the Jordan army and a close friend of His Majesty King Abdullah I, who often visited the place (source). Who wouldn’t want to live here, right?

Now it’s all revamped, preserving the traditional Madaba architecture, into a fancy restaurant that serves up some of the most delicious Jordanian food I ate on my trip. Take a look at a few photos I took while I was there.

Inside Haret Jdoudna

Apart from the staple but scrumptious meat platter, the Jordanian table is almost always laid out with the traditional mezze (aperitifs) that you can dig into before the main course arrives. I learned early on, on the trip, not to fill myself with these delights because the mains are equally delicious. My recommendation for non-vegetarians at Haret Jdoudna: Kibbeh and Kofta B’Tahini.

Arabic salad and Kibbeh (torpedo-shaped lamb mince croquettes)
Arabic salad and Kibbeh (torpedo-shaped lamb mince croquettes)

I loved Haret Jdoudna for its well-aged stone walls, teal green tables and chairs and the pretty nooks all over the place. A casual set-up, this restaurant is a must-visit whether you are with family or friends. You can also check out the little store within the restaurant that sells keepsakes, garments and other knick-knacks. Of course, you might find the stuff cheaper elsewhere.

That's me at Haret Jdoudna
That’s me at Haret Jdoudna

More from Jordan coming up soon. 🙂


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